Advanced Cogeneration Plant Saving 150 Jobs And Dramatically Lowering Energy Costs By 25 To 30 Percent

2G - CENERGY received a multimillion dollar order for a CHP cogeneration plant to be installed at Simonds Intl. in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, supplying the oldest cutting tool manufacturer in North America with electricity and thermal energy.

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Simonds International, a leading cutting tool manufacturer with 179 years of history, decided to purchase a modern CHP (combined heat and power) cogeneration plant. Instead of the conventional design-build, or site-build process, the company decided for a 100% modular “all-in-one” and “connection-ready” cogeneration system to save cost and to reduce technical risk.


The cogeneration process results in overall electrical and thermal efficiencies close to 90%, compared to most utility power plants operating in the 33% percent efficiency range. The plant is an integrated package, fully containerized and will be supplied as a unique “all-in-one” and “connection-ready” module. Benefits over conventional gas engine gensets include much higher overall efficiency, reliability, durability, extended life, fast installation, and less maintenance cost.


Simonds International, headquartered in Fitchburg, MA, is making the move toward clean energy to help combat high energy costs with the implementation of a $5.5 million cogeneration system that will save 150 jobs. This cogeneration plant will produce enough energy to run, heat and cool the Fitchburg plant.

“The investment will dramatically lower energy costs for the company, and protect jobs”… said Ray J. Martino, President of Simonds. “This is our biggest plant and corporate headquarters”… Mr. Martino added. “We employ over 500 people worldwide and 25 percent of our work force is working at the Fitchburg plant. Simonds also has plants in Michigan, Oregon, Kentucky, Alabama, Germany, Honduras and Brazil. Fitchburg's electric rates are the highest, spending $2 million annually on energy costs just at this plant”,… he said.

“North Central Massachusetts is the highest for energy rates,”… Mr. Martino said. “There are several disadvantages to operating a business in Massachusetts, including energy costs, and also in the U.S. with the corporate income tax rates higher than in Germany and other industrialized states. We're trying to overcome some of those cost obstacles, so we can stay in Massachusetts, continuing to utilize the strong, skilled work force at this location,”… Mr. Martino explains.


The modular 2G® natural gas-based cogeneration system to be installed is rated 1,800 kWh (1.8 MWh) consisting of three 600 kWh 2G® avus® series CHP modules with MWM engines fully integrated into the unique and modular 2G® cogeneration technology package. The plant is expected to produce enough electricity to operate the entire manufacturing plant. The annual output is 14,940 MWh and 62.5 billion BTU’s of thermal energy. The CHP cogeneration system, to be supplied by 2G-CENERGY, comes fully factory tested and does not require any civil construction or site engineering. The installation will be completed within a few days, just connecting gas and water pipes, and power cables. The fully integrated exhaust system guarantees ultra low NOx and CO emissions well below Massachusetts and local regulations.


2G®’s CHP modules also include an advanced combustion management system. The automation and control technology enables Simonds to monitor their energy efficiency and lower the environmental load, reducing CO2 emissions. The CHP cogeneration design, manufacturing, supply, installation, and commissioning is provided by 2G-CENERGY. 2G®’s output-optimized cogeneration CHP (combined heat and power) modules have been installed at more than 1500 locations around the world.


“This is an important investment for Simonds, and their engineering consultants searched the market for the most reliable, proven, and modular CHP cogeneration technology available. They selected the 2G product, and we are very pleased with this decision,... says Michael Turwitt, President & CEO of 2G-CENERGY Power Systems Technologies Inc. “When you invest millions of dollars in a CHP plant, you don’t want to take chances. This order shows again that 2G is a first choice manufacturer and supplier of modular CHP systems, providing the most proven, reliable, and cost-effective solution”,... Michael Turwitt adds.


Extremely successful in Europe for many years, 100% modular CHP systems are becoming increasingly popular in the USA. Besides being more efficient, 2G® cogeneration systems with low-emission generation capability are designed and manufactured “connection ready”. All plants are fully factory tested and come as complete modules. This allows for extreme fast and cost-effective installation, increases product reliability, and assures trouble-free operations.

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