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Legal services in Chennai related to property and real estate should provide the necessary support with legal formalities during purchasing, renting, selling and leasing of assets.

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Legal services in Chennai related to property and real estate should provide the necessary support with legal formalities during purchasing, renting, selling and leasing of assets. A company offering legal services should have advocates, who can prepare all the legal documents on behalf of the advisory or the clients. They should offer services that involve the checking of legal validity of documents, and prevent any kind of fraudulent activities during the transaction process. Many companies offer legal services pertaining to the commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial properties. Reputable firms that offer advice relating to the local laws, stamp duties and other registration requirements are usually helpful. As a part of this process, these firms advice on licensing, approvals and regulatory nuances related to the government or statutory agencies.


Patronus Partners offers the services of experienced lawyers in property law, to help you in investment or disposal of your properties. The skilled lawyers employed with Patronus can solve any complicated issues relating to the maintenance, acquisition or disposition of real estate assets. They have a trustworthy team that works with your best interests in mind. All the services including legal verification and legal due diligence ensures that the required documents, deeds, etc, necessary for property registration, are taken care of. They also deal in dispute resolution, related to encroachments and land acquisitions. Ensure that you entrust the dealings of your property to the right firm for good returns on your investment.


People all over the world are ever more receptive towards alternative techniques in medicine. The importance of alternative medicinal forms like Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Yoga, Chakra therapy/healing, Reiki, various meditation techniques etcare being recognized widely by clients and doctors, who are complementing their regular care with these alternative medicine techniques. The long standing tradition of alternative medicine is based on different forms of non-invasive therapies, which enhances the health of an individual without giving rise to any side effects, or the involvement of medicines.

Divinity is an advanced training and therapy center that offers the services of some of the best Psychologists, Therapists and Psychiatrists in Chennai with rich and enviable experience and qualifications. Our teams of Psychologists in Chennai have enviable credentials in the fields of Naturopathy and Indian Alternative Medicine apart from strong domain expertise in psychology.

We offer holistic therapy that focuses on the benefits of scientifically proven techniques of Psychotherapy coupled with complementary and alternative medicine in Chennai. Our domain expertise in psychiatry coupled with effective techniques of alternative medicine therapy, helps us to amalgamate the time tested Indian traditional forms of medicine like Yoga, Chakra therapy and various meditative techniques with scientific psychotherapy techniques. This blend results in a powerful alternative therapy for patients suffering from various psychosomatic ailments.

Divinity Academy offers advanced training programs that deal with the natural remedies and alternative medicine Chennai. We conduct custom courses for individuals and corporate, with focus on various family issues concerning relationships, youth, child psychology, stress management, etc. Our expertise in complimentary medicine Chennai helps you in learning the most effective relaxation and stress management techniques. Understand the benefits of alternative medicine as they promote natural health through noninvasive techniques, which focus on keeping unnatural substances away from the body.

Learn from the experts and become a master in Alternative Therapies and Naturopathy Treatment in Chennai, and help yourself to lead an enriched life, full of vigor and vitality. At "Divinity" we give paramount interest to, "The Right Intention", "Will to Execute", and "Passion". Any member of our core team, whether it's Psychiatrists in Chennai or Psychologists in Chennai or even our Counselors in Chennai live by this principle.

We are firm believers in the Karma Yoga which is about self-less service in which the ego is given up to serve the divine and essentially divinity is within us. Karma Yoga is also the path of doing the right thing, of following one's personal dharma and accepting the result as it comes. It's the path of achievement by detachment to the end result. Each of our members, no matter whether he is a senior hypnotherapist in Chennai or Past Life Regression therapist in Chennai, follows this principle. Our Psychologists in Chennai, Psychiatrists in Chennai and Alternative Medicine Doctors in Chennai have been sworn under oath to adopt this as their core guiding principle.


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