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My name is Dorothy Pugh I have been online Network Marketing for over 5 years. I have used many different lists building software to build my contact list but none of t

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Doctor Kristensen

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http://rocket-cash-cycler.infoMy name is Dorothy Pugh I have been online Network Marketing for over 5 years. I have used many different lists building software to build my contact list but none of them compare to Xsky.Xsky is a tool to help you market on Skype and build a massive contact list. Has a awesome compensation plan. I joined and cycled 2x3 within 2 weeks and made money.Many of the list building software packages takes you at least 90 days before you see any results from them. With Xsky you can quickly build your list and make money from the compensation plan within 2 - 4 weeks. I am a medical professional Caregiver. I was a caregiver to several ladies over the pass several years that could not do for themselves. Over the last year I dedicated myself to one lady that needed me full time.For the last 9 months she was in several hospitals and could not do anything for herself. Every night and weekend I was with her taking care of hers. Those hours added up to be over 100+ hours a week. Iguess you are wondering why I worked so many hours well the answer is because she needed my help and I promised her that I would be there for her. It was very easy because she was a beautiful sweet and special person. On December 25, 2012 she took her last breath and died. On Jesus birthday. My goal for 2013 was to build a massive marketing contact list for my online business. A week before my client died I was online and was introduced to (RCC). That was my lucky day.Within (RCC) program Xsky and the Ninja training can help the new and experience network marketer build a list very quickly and it has a compensation pay plan that you can earn $300 and $5000 over and over by sharing this software with other people that do network marketing online! ? Highest Paying 2x3 / 2x2 Hybrid Program Online RCC is a World-Wide Global Company RCC Sells Unique Advanced Software and marketing Products RCC is a Simple System, with mass Appeal RCC Pays Fast Daily Payouts RCC Top Notch Products: Skype Ninja Training Course Marketing Software Success Training CourseCompensation Plan[icon="star" /]$315 One Time Entry Fee To Join [icon="star" /]RCC is a Splitting Board Reverse Matrix System[icon="star" /]You receive xSky Software & SkypeNinja products and the RCC Success Library[icon="star" /]First board is a 2x3[icon="star" /]Spill by will feature! When you get more than two personal sign ups you start filling up your "Qualification Holding Tank" Then you can help qualify ANYONE on your TEAM.[icon="star" /]RCC is a Follow your sponsor System[icon="star" /]RCC requires Two Personal Signs Ups to Qualify or you can possibly be qualified by "Spill Over" [icon="star" /]There is the "Jumping System" that allows members to jump over unqualified members when the boards split. This can possibly help you cycle faster.[icon="star" /]First 2x3 Pay Center (Earth 2x3 Pay center) pays $300 plus an Epin valued at $315 that can be used for a new position into the RCC 2x3 Pay Center. [icon="star" /]The 2nd board is a 2x2 (The )[icon="star" /]You need ONE person to qualify the 2x2 and jumping is ON this board also[icon="star" /]The pays a total of $5,000 AND a Re-entry into the 2x2 again.[icon="star" /]When you are at the top of the 2x2 the first Three people that land on the bottom Four line will earn you $1000 USD each as bottom row fills[icon="star" /]When the last person lands on the 4 line you earn $2000 USD and a Re-entry Following your sponsor to their 2x2.[icon="star" /]This compensation plan pays out an amazing 94.5% to the members![icon="star" /]You earn money faster on the 2nd Pay Center than in most other board programs, you get an unlimited amount of re-entries into the 2nd Pay Center, the ROCKET 2x2 Pay Center!
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