Black Piranha Media Offers Great Hosting Deals Pennies Though Hostgator Host Coupon Service

Black Piranha Media Offers Great Hosting Deals Pennies Though Hostgator Host Coupon Service

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Chris Reck

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Black Piranha Media has today announced the release of a new Hosting Coupon post at

The post, titled - 2011 Hostgator Host coupons – revealed that there were different types of 2011 Hostgator Host coupons: 1) the free 2011 Hostgator Host coupons, 2) shared or virtual and dedicated 2011 Hostgator Host coupons, and 3) collocated 2011 Hostgator Host coupons.

According to the post, the free or virtual 2011 Hostgator Host coupon service offers limited services to participating companies and sometimes supported by advertisements. It is suitable for small websites or personal websites.

On the other hand, the shared 2011 Hostgator Host coupon service, though more expensive, it can be placed on the same server and share the owned domain name to other websites.  “It has multiple software options and has good support for small businesses and an average traffic volume,” noted Christopher Reck, President/CEO of Black Piranha Media.

The dedicated 2011 Hostgator Host coupon service, which has its own dedicated server or virtual private server, is another of their services which allocates the resources into the virtual servers that the user patches and maintains it.  “This is the most expensive of our 2011 Hostgator Host coupon options, and it is ideally suited for large websites with high-traffic volume and use special license software,” said Reck.

It also has multiple domain names which provide great email solutions and database support.

On to their collocated 2011 Hostgator Host coupon service, this comes with very high bandwidth, high security-features like fire or vandalism, high up-time and unlimited license software options. Simply, it is a dedicated source for backup power and stable Internet connections that most Internet Service Provider (ISP) would give an arm for.

As a common service that an individual, an organization or a company can make its own website accessible through the Internet, the 2011 Hostgator Host coupon service options is also called Internet hosting.

“It means that web host companies or individuals can store their personalized websites on a public server,” noted Reck.

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