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BOOKINGSDIRECT.COM, Press Release :latest news headlines; 14 billion years old sculpture crashed to earth , unveiled ;

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BOOKINGSDIRECT.COM, Press Release :latest news headlines; 14 billion years old sculpture crashed to earth , unveiled ; scientists carbon dated the sculpture at 14 billion years. A sculpture, as old as this head: there is no other piece of sculpture like this , in existence. The odds of discovering a sculpture in this category, is a 100 billion to 1. ; the most unique ever. It’s overwhelming that such a unique sculptured head, could ever enter earth’s atmosphere. It’s believed to have travelled billions of light years to reach our planet.

Crash landed to earth. Intensive research, carried out, identified the sculpture to be a type of asteroid from the beginning of the solar system. Comments made about the sculpture ; dated at 14 billion years old, this head exists before any former image. What a fascinating object! It’s amazing to think that images were created before the universe. The name quantum m given to the head, from mythological beliefs; it may be magical, powerful incense. The sculpture is the most curious piece of art on exhibition. Fully framed in aluminium with four poster teak wheels, with silver and gold chains, solid brass.

Set to the sculpture head; one of the most exceptional rare diamond, so rare, it’s described as a moon diamond. After several valuations, the sculpture has exceeded all expectations and listed the oldest and the number one most expensive in the world at £100 million pounds, by Art Revealed, Webstore Art Catalogue and Wallery Art Gallery Directory of World Artists. Valued at £100million pounds GBP for sale. To see more please click on this link: . Sculpture produced by Trevor R Plummer. email:Public Relations;

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Press Release by TREVOR R PLUMMER

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... to blankenstein If you've got such cotmpnet for modern artists and feel as though a six year old could have cranked out something more mind-blowing or worth your consideration, riddle me this: Why didn't you? You won't answer because you can't. Plain and simple. Richard Wentworth took the initiative and did this installation. Besides not knowing his intent you come across as stupid and lackluster. How many times has anyone heard that exact example of "modern art" before? You know, the one about taking a crap on a canvas and being applauded for it? Countless. There isn't a day that goes by, an exhibit I see that I don't hear the same bullshit criticism. Blankenstein, I urge you, if you feel so compelled to sling mud at artists please do so in one of the following fashions: 1: Don't. Shut up and learn to appreciate art for art. Quit wantonly bashing artists, their work and intent. or 2: Fling a canvas. Do so in a manner that will garner the same applause and critical acclaim that Richard Wentworth does. That is, if you're man enough.I am ARTIST, I paint in oils and watercolors, I do so in many different styles non of which is "modern art" because "modern art" is a bunch of bull as stated above.I think it's like the Emperor clothes, one person said they like so everyone else must fall in and say they like it too when in fact it's a load of crap.If anyone is a idiot it would be the people that would pay for such nonsense as a exhibit like this.