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Advertisement is helping people achieve the silhouette they want by answering their weight loss related questions and the real effects of the much-discussed Yacon syrup on their bodies. Yacon syrup is one of the latest trends in the slimming products industry.

Yacon, a South American green leaved plant with positive nutritional properties, is one of the less known natural treasures that is said to help people lose excessive weight by improving a series of bodily functions. Consuming yacon improves bowel movements, cholesterol and insulin levels. The syrup obtained from this plant is also said to reduce the waistline considerably, thus targeting areas with the most stubborn fat stores.

Yacon syrup can be bought from health food online shops, but it is one among the too many options for reducing body weight. Yacon syrup acts as dietary fiber, improving the way the digestive system works and is containing very low sugar levels. It is thus different from other sweet products, and the review explains this aspect in detail. aims to inform on the source, action and benefits of Yacon syrup and to answer all related questions. 2002 studies and trials have proven the syrup to have anti-oxidant properties and more health benefits were discovered in 2009. An Argentinian trial led by Susana Genta and later published in Clinical Nutrition studied the syrup effects on a group of women. It helped them with overcoming obesity and losing 33 pounds at the end of the 4-month trial.

Yacon syrup reviews are addressed to anyone wishing to buy this slimming product. Yacon has a long history as a safe natural remedy. The plant's roots are extensively used for diabetics, as the substances contained are controlling blood sugar levels. Additionally, it is supportive in renal and digestive problems, feeding good bacteria in the gut and regulating the digestion process. The dried leaves are frequently used for tea.

Yacon syrup is manufactured the same way as maple syrup is, using an evaporator. The resulting product has a pleasant sweet flavor. It tastes similar to apples and grows in the Andes. The plant has been known to the Incas and used by them as food. Yacon consumption eventually extended to the whole of Latin America. To understand how it influences digestion and metabolism, consult the latest Yacon syrup reviews available at

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