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To maintain good health and fitness people opt for many different types of products and workouts. The often tiring schedule and commitments people keep can affect their overall lifestyle. Stress, a tedious work environment and huge work load can cause a person to face major health problems if they do not excercise and eat right on a regular basis. Severe health problems can occur such as cancer, heart attacks, strokes and sudden cardiac arrest which can all lead to death unexpectedly. Nothing is more traumatic than losing a friend or loved one due to a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest. Sudden Cardiac Arrest is an emergency situation affecting the electrical system of a persons heart. More than 250,000 people lose their lives every year due to sudden cardiac arrest. A victim that falls into cardiac arrest has very different symptoms than a victim that suffers from a heart attack. In a Sudden Cardiac arrest emergency, the only option to save the victims life is to use and AED, or automated external defibrillator and perform CPR. offers a wide range of technologically advanced AED equipment and accessories. We specialize in Automated External Defibrillators, emergency preparedness and safety training services. Our company consistently provides the quality training and education programs necessary to maximize AED awareness among people. Through our public education initiative, we are accomplishing our objective to effectively educate the American public about the safety and necessity of AED’s and CPR. By participating in town hall meetings, public access defibrillation or PAD programs and community forums we are spreading public awareness among people throughout the US.

We have a forged strong partnerships with leading organizations and experts such as The American Red Cross, The American Heart Association and National Safety Council. We offer only best cpr classes through the American Heart Association or AHA, which are very informative and interactive. With the help of first aid and cpr training classes, you can protect the life of a victim that may experience SCA or Sudden Cardiac Arrest. In our classes, you will learn the most effective Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR. This is a therapy of chest compressions, if the heart has stopped working, which continues the circulation of blood throughout the body and helps a victim survive until the arrival of  proper medical services.

Through the CPR training certification course you can get ample training to safeguard the life of a victim having a low pulse rate. This is the most basic form of training widely practiced to restore the normal heart rythem and breathing. You will be provided and trained on the latest AHA CPR guidelines. Per the American Heart Association, CPR is the best method to continue blood flow throughout the body and heart, which in turn increases the survival rate. For further details, you can browse our website and learn more about us at:  

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