Differences Between Fake Grass Lawn And Traditional Turf

Differences between fake lawn and traditional turf

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Numerous people usually wonder why numerous resorts are always full of green. They believe that these locations utilize numerous excellent methods to manage their turf and keep them the same all the time. Nonetheless, it is not true. It is impossible for us to keep natural grass in the good beauty. Traditional turf will fade and die because of the fact that it is the laws of nature.

Thanks to higher technology, experts have produced a product which can help us to fight against the laws of nature. It is named as artificial turf. Artificial grass and real turf have the same look. It is difficult for us to realize which one is natural and which one is fake until we touch each kind. Nonetheless, synthetic grass is very different from real turf.

The 1st difference is that artificial turf never fades and dies. It is made by people with artificial materials. It can last for some time, at least 10 years. Artificial grass will be fresh and green every season through a year. All changes of seasons and climate changes are unable to damage its look. It is why all resorts are always very beautiful with green lawns through the year. These resorts make use of artificial grass instead of natural grass.

It is simple for us to realize the second difference between natural turf and artificial turf. It is certain that fake grass lawn is more long-lasting than real turf. Heavy moves resulted from sports, games and everyday activities as well as bad climate conditions such as drought and rainfall can not destroy the surface of artificial grass. However, traditional grass will suffer from numerous horrible damages if it experiences these negative conditions. Because of great durability, fake grass lawn is now utilized most in sports field. It is possible to see synthetic lawn in many stadiums and gold courses.

Next, unlike natural turf, artificial turf is always amazing and green without watering, mowing, trimming and providing fertilizer and insecticides. Artificial lawn is not real so it does not need such special care. In other words, using artificial turf means less money and time to take care of the lawn. It means that in the long run, using artificial turf is more affordable than using natural turf. Hence, artificial turf is actually a good choice in nowadays society.


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