Different Types Of Data Cables In Business And In Homes

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Most of us now utilize technology on a daily basis and in general, homes are filling up with new internet capable devices such as new flat panel TV’s, Xbox’s, PlayStation’s, media players, routers, home theatres every day, which means an increase in the use of data cables.

There are several different types of data cables used throughout the world for many different purposes such as connecting broadband, telephone lines, flat panel televisions and wireless modems.

Different types of data cables
The main types of data cables used are made from either copper or optical fibre. Copper cables are slightly cheaper to manufacture and optical fibre cables, which are made from a type of glass that is woven into threads, are generally considered to be slightly more effective but are not suitable for every purpose.

Data cables can be coaxial, twister pair, or fibre optic but fibre optic cables are gradually taking over from other types of cable because they can accommodate extremely large bandwidths and are immune to noise and other interference. In addition Data cables are much more widely used in residential homes to connect devices to their home wireless modem.

Often the prevalence of data cables can be an annoyance in homes and offices because when technology increases you can end up with cables everywhere.

However this problem can be easily solved both at home and at work by using a professional licensed installer so you will end up with a much better result. You can also use a licensed installer to come in and organise your office so that the minimum number of cables can be used and those that are used are neatly tucked away making the space tidier and eliminating the risk of someone tripping or falling on a cable.

Of course the most cost effective and efficient way to minimise cable use is to employ Ethernet in your office. This is a way of connecting lots of different technology such as computer and printer networks so fewer cables need to be used.

Another way to reduce the need for cables is to use things like wireless printers. This means that lots of different computers can be connected to a printer without the need for the computer and printer to be connected by a wire.

Without data cables technology as we know it today would not exist. They are an essential tool for business and used in the majority of homes too.

Antenna cabling is another cable used in the home to receive digital TV which is normally installed by an antenna installation company. These antenna installation companies would also be licenced to install other cabling and jobs such as your data cabling, mount your flat panel TV on your wall, set up your home network, set up your home theatre and move existing sockets or add extra sockets.

Antenna installations companies can also pre wire your new home for future purposes such as the nbn the Australian government is building.

This will require cat6 cabling to be installed in the home so prewiring makes sense in this case.Prewiring your home with antenna, data, telephone, speaker wires and coaxial cabling makes sense so it doesn’t cost you a whole lot of extra money in the future.

It is important to stick to reputable models in the industry even if they will cost you more upfront, and you will no longer have to worry about lose bolts, or tv wall mount brisbane. Specialized companies also offer consistent servicing and telephone installation, antenna brisbane, telephone installation, bane; data cabling brisbane and prewiring of cables tp suit your needs.

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2. Parvez (4:01 am, 2012.11.28)

Hi Max,Thanks for your comment. The cable will plug into the HDTV or the 3DTV hewevor a different type of a cable (HDMI to HDMI to A-Type) would be needed to connect from a DVD/Game Console/PC/Set-top-Box/Home Theatre device to HDTV rather than a tablet to HDTV.