Educator Bhaskaranand Pundit Announces Success Of Hindi Classes

Hindu priest, Bhaskaranand Pundit, announces the success of the weekly Hindi classes he has been teaching in Princes Town, Trinidad.

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Bhaskaranand Pundit

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Bhaskaranand Pundit is excited to announce the success of his weekly Hindi classes, which are held every Wednesday in Princes Town, Trinidad. Bhaskaranand Pundit is the Head Priest of Bhaskarananda Kirtan Mandali in Princes Town, Trinidad, where he leads Sunday services for Hindu devotees from around the area. However, his duties have rapidly expanded from spiritual guru and Head Priest to volunteer, cook, prayer leader, and now, educator.

Bhaskaranand Pundit has recently taken it upon himself to teach Hindi language lessons to the locals in Trinidad. The class meets every Wednesday for beginner and intermediate students. “We’ve all had a great time exploring this language together,” says Bhaskaranand Pundit. “So far things are going quite well. Every one of my students is catching on, and the improvement so far shown has been tremendous.”

By understanding the Hindi language, Bhaskaranand Pundit believes that students can come to a deeper understanding of the Hindu faith. “While learning a language has merits of its own, I think that learning Hindi is especially important for practitioners of the Hindu religion,” says Bhaskaranand Pundit. “When you know the Hindi language, you can have a much richer and more meaningful understanding of the Hindu religion: the prayers, the texts, the culture that surrounds it – everything.”

The Wednesday Hindi classes are not the first experience Bhaskaranand Pundit has had as a teacher. Prior to teaching these language classes (and still today) Bhaskaranand Pundit led Sunday services for Hindu devotees. As the Head Priest at Bhaskarananda Mandir, Bhaskaranand Pundit has prepared for more than one thousand Sunday services over the years.

“Teaching in a large group setting – like the Sunday service setting – is very different from teaching a foreign language to a small group,” says Bhaskaranand Pundit. “But, I have to say, I rather like the challenges that both settings present. I don’t know that I can honestly say I like teaching language more than I like teaching religion, or vice versa.”

Bhaskaranand Pundit welcomes questions and comments about his Wednesday Hindi classes in Princes Town, Trinidad.


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