Electric Rc Helicopter Affordable And Easier To Fly

There are several outlets and stores that sell RC Helicopter, and their demand in the market is increasing day-by-day.

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Hobby-estore is an online retailer of all kinds of RC toys like trucks, cars, tanks, planes, helicopters etc. Especially, our helicopters seem to be very popular and most of the customers end up purchasing at least one RC Helicopter.

RC helicopters come in different colours, shapes and sizes with different mode of operation. An RC Helicopter can be operated using Nitro fuel, electric batteries, turbine engines and gasoline. Initially, RC helicopters were flown using Nitro fuel, also called glow fuel. Over a decade ago, battery-operated copters came into being. Turbine helicopters, with their high prices, do not fit every body’s pocket.

An electric powered RC helicopter has equal power and flight times as that of a chopper using Nitro fuel. Electric copters are easier to use and do not create unpleasant noise. Flying electric RC helicopters has become feasible with technological advancement. An electric RC Helicopter with a brush less motor and lithium polymer or lipo battery is highly efficient and performs as good as any fuel-powered helicopter. It is light-weight and costs lesser, making it more desirable. With its attribute of quietness, electric helicopters have overtaken Nitro fuel helicopters in popularity. Nitro fueled helicopter fans are largely turning to electric models with better battery and electronic technology.

Coaxial helicopters are among the more popular electric helicopters. They have double blades and do not need a tail rotor. They give a very stable flight and are easier to fly.

Battery-powered RC helicopter are available in both kit form and RTF, i.e. ready to fly. Helicopters of smaller sizes mostly come in RTF form and do not require pre-fixing. Kit form, on the other hand means that you have to put together all the parts and built the product. Kit forms are usually meant for larger helicopters.

At Hobby-estore, you will find the RC helicopter of your choice at the best bargain. You will gain a smooth and pleasurable online shopping experience here.

For more information please visit us at http://www.hobby-estore.com/Remote-Control-Helicopter-s/2.htm

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