Flooring Center Provides Important Tips About Wood Floor Underlay For Their Customers

Premier wood flooring supplier Flooring Center gives out significant facts and tips on the use and choice of wood floor underlay for homes.

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London, United Kingdom, 12 December 2012: Leading wood flooring and floor accessories supplier Flooring Center offers valuable tips for choosing the right kind of wood floor underlay to its customers. The company has earned reputation as one of the premier suppliers of wood flooring necessities and materials as well as for proffering valuable consultation services free of cost for the perfect flooring solutions.

The underlay provides homes with the necessary insulation while making the upper floor coverings durable and sound-proof. The choice of underlay depends on the kind of subfloors being installed. For instance, for concrete subfloors, the underlay needs to possess a Damp Proof Membrane or DMP, which can be installed separately or incorporated into the same. Underlayment for wood floors may vary according to the type of flooring, namely, solid wood, engineered or laminate. The choice of underlayment also depends on the way the wood floors are to be installed. As Flooring Center experts point out that floors which are nailed down can use roofing paper as underlayment, while cork or foam can act as cushioned underlay for floating wooden flooring system.

Talking about their kinds of underlays and the right one for the various types of wooden floors, the Director of Flooring Center said, “The demand for underlays today is no longer confined to being a mean for moisture insulation or barrier. The right kind of underlayment can proffer your home with a sound-proof flooring, thus saving you of neighbors living right below your flat complaining of any sort of noise made on the floors. Our excellent Duralay underlay bestows your home with impeccable noise-resistant system while proffering it with comfort galore.”

The company also points to other considerations while choosing an underlayment such as the thickness or width of the underlay to match up the height of the wooden floor and moisture issues, the latter of which needs a combination of plywood or foam along with vinyl.

Added the Director, “Whatever subfloor or wood floor type you might be installing, it is worthwhile to consult our experts before deciding on the choice of underlayment, to ensure that your home gets the best of floor underlay.”

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About Flooring Center

Flooring Center is a renowned name in the market of wood floor and flooring accessories supplies and is reputed to deliver high quality products of world-class brands. The company also proffers consultation services for the right kind of flooring solutions for houses free of cost. It also deals with comprehensive floor maintenance solutions in the form of flooring finishes and cleaning and maintenance kits.

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