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A very substantial percentage of men are being impacted by male pattern baldness these days.

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Ray Woods

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A very substantial percentage of men are being impacted by male pattern baldness these days. Hair transplant has come up as a ray of hope for bald (and balding) men who want to restore their erstwhile personality which was severely hampered because of hair loss. Dr Ray Woods of Australia is the pioneer of the FUE technique of hair transplant and also has the development of a number of other revolutionary hair transplant techniques, the most notable one being the ‘Woods Technique’. Today, he boasts of a long list of extremely satisfied patients who got their old, natural look back thanks to the pioneering hair transplant surgeries performed by Dr Ray Woods and his team.

After graduating from the Sydney University Medical School in 1982, Dr Woods attained experience in different medical domains like Neurosurgery, Obstetrics, and Internal Medicine, trauma, skin cancer surgery and cosmetic Dermatological surgery. However, it was his sheer fascination with the concept of hair transplant (ever since he was 17 years old) which led him to concentrate his energies in this area.
Dr Woods spent years in perfecting and innovating the process of hair transplant. During this, he developed his legendary new hair transplant technique called the ‘Woods Technique.’ By the year 1995, this procedure started making waves in his home country Australia and then soon spread to different parts of the world. Over the years, Dr Woods has built a highly specialised team of hair transplant experts which has conducted successful surgeries on thousands of men in Australia and outside.
Dr Woods has always believed in giving total control to the patient undergoing the hair transplant surgery. When he’s operating on a patient, a mirror is installed so that the patient can observe the removal and insertion of the grafts. And then there’s another first to Dr Woods’ credit: High definition magnified video monitoring before, during and after the procedure is also available for your interaction and peace of mind. A lot of patients bring along their relative or a friend and sit down relaxed while the both of them watch the follicles being inserted.

Introducing M.O.D.E. (Monitoring of Donor Extraction)

M.O.D.E. is yet another feather in the cap of Dr Woods. Standign for Monitoring of Donor Extraction, this service enables the patient to watch all follicles being placed real time via monitor.  “Now we offer a new world first innovation where patients can watch all follicles being actually removed from the donor also in real time via several monitors. This ensures the patient can see low transection rate, safety and donor protection. This is called Monitoring Of Donor Extraction, that is, 'MODE'”, says Dr Ray Woods.  This helps the patient to confirm and acknowledge every graft being intact and viable and be reassured of the highest level of interaction, confidence and actual visualization.

Dr Woods technique has helped thousands of men regain their lost confidence. The hair on the scalp is a vital component of men’s personality. With incidents of male pattern baldness increasing, hair transplant comes as a long-lasting and permanent solution for this problem.

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Press Release by Ray Woods

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