New Site Introduces Structured Platform For Real Users To Post Hydroxycut Reviews On Post Recall Formulation

Find Out The Truth By Reading Hydroxycut Reviews From Actual Users Of The Product

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Paul Graham

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Hydroxycut is one of the world's most popular weight loss supplements and for a time, certainly one of the most controversial. Searches for keywords related to Hydroxycut are somewhere in the region of 150,000 per month, and that is on Google alone.


Many people seem to be unaware of the changes that Hydroxycut has undergone in recent years, changes which have been significant to say the least. In May 2009, the FDA issued a warning to users of the supplement, linking it to all sorts of nasty health problems. The warning stipulates 23 incidences of serious liver injury and even one death. At the time, it was formulated with all sorts of 'bad neighborhood' substances like ephedra and hydroxycitric acid, although niether the FDA nor the manufacturers of Hydroxycut were able to conclusively determine exactly which ingredients were responsible for the aforementioned health concerns.


The FDA warning of 2009 culminated in a recall of all remaining Hydroxycut products available in the USA at the time and what followed was, as one would expect, a process which resulted in a completely unique formulation of Hydroxycut, utterly distinct from the previous formulation. Essentially the manufacturers went natural, removing amongst other things, the ephedra and hydroxycitric acid, which they (without conclusive proof) figured must have been responsible for the health issues with the previous formulation.


So, the question which is currently on a lot of peoples' minds now is: “Is Hydroxycut safe now and, given that it is completely natural, is it still effective?” The answer to the first part of the question is certainly not an obvious one. Despite popular belief, the fact that a product is totally natural does not make it safe and there have certainly been some side effects linked to the new natural formulations of Hydroxycut, albeit far less severe ones linked to the previous formulation.


As for the second part of the question regarding the efficacy of the new formulation, well that is one that researchers at Natural Health Report is trying to find answers to on an ongoing basis. They believe that the most effective way to do this is by setting up a platform where users of Hydroxycut can post reviews of their experience with this product, which will then be displayed on a blog for their readers to view.


This type of review concept is nothing original and has been going on in blogs for years, however the Hydroxycut reviews on Natural Health Report are tailored for a better user experience, both for the person submitting the review as well as the reader. Instead of just giving the reviewer a text box to type a comment, they have provided specific fields for the reviewer to fill in.


The fields include a star rating out of ten for the user to indicate his overall impression of the product. Other fields include a drop box for the user to indicate exactly which Hydroxycut product the user took (there are currently 7 different formulations), the price he or she paid, a short pros, a short cons and then a text box for them to give a nice detailed verdict where they can write as much or as little as they want about their experience.


The hope is that by structuring the review process in this way, pertinent information about Hydroxycut will become more 'accessible' to the reader in the sense that things will generally look a lot more 'structured' and tidy. By doing this Natural Health Report hopes to continue an ongoing process designed to educate our readers not only about the benefits of Hydroxycut, but the dangers as well.


Visit for more information on Hydroxycut, to post a review if you have used any Hydroxycut products, or alternatively to browse through the reviews already posted.

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