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Discover why we really need vacations... find a destination and breathe together...!!!

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Sahil Sinha

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Delhi & NCR, November 27, 2012 – If you see around, you realize that the dreamer in us has taken the back seat. There are hardly ambitions, desires and what we have started following are basic, plain needs of day to day life. And, this has led to an unmanageable amount of stress in life. The ambition that plays such an important role in our life finds no more places in us. What a pity! This is why we at Overall Travel invite or rather ignite an idea of being ambitious once again and go places.

It is a common belief that intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings. We as believers have set the sky as a limit but have hardly crossed it. And, then we look out for the best. How come? This is where exposure overpowers mere knowledge and pushes all of us behind. And for exposure, we need nothing but travel as much as we can. Hence, we compel you to keep desires with you and then work towards them to make them stay alive throughout. Like Mr. Bhupender Mehta says, “The real demise is when something dies within...”

The services at Overall Travel bring you deepest joyous moments that live with you forever. What we really work on is bringing togetherness merged with the ambience around. It is the vicinity of your own people around you in an unknown destination that will create those unforgettable moments. And, the real team behind all this will be ours who leave no stone unturned in making a beautiful collage of your moments when you are “fuelled by happiness”.

So go, find a destination and breathe together...!!!

About Us

Overall Travel is a leading online travel solution provider with rich industry experience. Our bouquet of services includes best deals across the globe, thanks to our liaison with big names in travel industry. Excellent Customer Support and most competitive prices are some of our key USPs. Our experts have knitted each services with complete detailing, giving you a sense of fulfilment.    

Contact Information

Amit Pathria, Associate Director – Corporate Affairs
Email: pr@overallttravel.com
Website: www.overalltravel.com

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