Professional Advantages Of Learning A Language

When planning out careers, many people choose to study a subject or path that coincides directly with what they aspire to be, such as an engineer, a teacher or journalist.

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Children often grow up believing that as students, they should be focused solely on learning about what it is they have envisioned for themselves as careers. What people should not forget about, and what they should also value, is learning languages.

In today’s global economy and connected world, it is near imperative to speak at least two languages proficiently. Many individuals entering the job market or starting careers are prepared for the global marketplace and have studied to the point of fluency a couple or more languages. Many employers look to see whether a potential candidate is bilingual. While it might not rule some individuals out of certain jobs, those who boast bilingualism, or are trilingual or more, often see wage or salary boosts because of their language skills. Many people, however, find it difficult to learn a new language. For those in Europe, St George International is a language school that offers a variety of language courses.

People looking to learn a language while living in London can sign up for courses right in the city, which is where St George’s originated, or they can sign up for courses in their respective locations elsewhere throughout the United Kingdom, or at one of the SGI partner schools elsewhere in Europe. The school is internationally recognized as a credited language school, and SGI’s teachers are from all over the world and speak natively the languages they teach. With SGI, students are able to learn a language in the manner most fitting for them and their learning style. The school and teachers can prepare one-on-one language courses that are tailored to each student and his or her learning needs, and they also can coordinate planning them for groups of co-workers or friends. The school also offers evening classes at the language school for those who want to learn Spanish in London or take St Georges French courses.


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