Protecting Online Reputations Amongst The Hottest Low Cost Business Ideas For 2013

The internet has been a source of low cost business ideas for years now. As the industry becomes more and more saturated people are on the lookout for the newest ideas for businesses that they can start on a budget.

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Sandy McQueen

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One of the most popular new 2013 low cost business ideas is expected to be reputation management services. This is an area that has huge room for growth according to industry insiders because of the huge demand for the service. Businesses have become very conscious of the importance of their online reputation and have started to realize that they have to take steps to manage it. The industry is even starting to see individuals looking for reputation management services due to the number of employers who do an online search before making a job offer.

The businesses that are in the best position to move into reputation management services are the ones who are already operating in the search engine optimization (SEO) field. Search engine optimization is the business of getting websites to rank near the top of the search results. Over the last few years this business has become less profitable due to improvements in the quality of the search engines leaving less room for manipulation of the results. The same skills that are used for SEO can be transferred to reputation management and many search engine optimization companies are doing just that. At the same time experts point out that the barriers to entry are quite low so almost anybody with the necessary skills can enter this industry for which there is currently a huge demand.

The other industry that experts are expecting to boom over the next few years is in protecting content on the internet. It is widely known that plagiarism is major problem online due to website content being so easy to steal. This has created a new industry getting sites that use stolen content to remove it. It is widely believed that most of the content that gets posted online will eventually be reused by somebody who does not have legal rights to it so there is a huge potential market.

Getting stolen content removed from the internet is not difficult to do; all that is required is a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice. This is a notice that is sent to the internet service provider of the offending site, at which point the content will either be removed or the site shut down. The challenge for most content owners is monitoring the web to make sure their content has not been stolen. This provides an opportunity for companies to offer that service.

The business of monitoring the web and sending out DMCA notices is one for which there is currently far more demand than there are companies that offer the service according to experts in the field. This combined with the low startup costs has led many online business experts to recommend that people looking to start a low cost online business consider a DMCA notice service.


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