August | The Simplest Way to be Successful with Blog Commentinghotels site selection How to easily be successful with blog commenting Mon, 12 Dec 2011 13:00:00 GMT http://hotelssiteselection.comThe Simplest Way to be Successful with Blog CommentingThere are many different ways to drive traffic to a website or a blog, but one easy and free way of doing it that works great is blog commenting. Commenting on the right blog at the right times drives targeted traffic to your website and helps you build relevant backlinks to your website. However, blog commenting isn't as easy as it used to be a few years ago - thanks to the growing number of spam, bloggers have taken a more stringent approach towards approving comments. So if you want your comment to get approved on a certain blog then you need to keep a few things in much - such as...Read Before Commenting: It is very important that you read a big portion of the blog post that you want to comment on before you actually leave your comments. It's important to do this to ensure that your comments do not feel like spam and is impressive enough to be guaranteed to get approved. It's not important to learn the post inside and out but having a basic gist as to the subject matter and tone can really help you out. You want the blog's owner to have a good impression of you and you won't get it if you don't know what your comment is really about. Your Website Should Be Professional: Before a blogger approves your comment he/she will surely check out your website or blog to see if you're the real deal. This is why, before you start leaving comments, you make sure your website is in a considerable position. Do not just put up a link to a free blogger blog and hope the owner does the work for you, your blog or website needs to look and feel like a serious and professional place. Your website matters just as much as the meat of your comment; keep that in mind while you work to leave a good overall impression on the blogger.Go for High PR Blogs: Even though this isn't a rule it is a good idea to post at least a few comments on blogs with page ranks of at least seven (to use one example). If you do a little bit of homework, you ought to be able to track down blogs that are linked to regularly and that have posts with high page ranks. You do want to, though, find blogs that aren't already heavily spammed by lots of people because that lowers the value of the links back to you. It is important to take the time required to find top quality blogs for you comments so that you can see real results. As you begin blog commenting it will quickly become apparent that a streamlined process can really help you find success. The only way to discover this process and to see if it works for you is by taking regular action and put aside any failures that you face. It is important to practice persistence because that is what will help you take your blog commenting up a level because sometimes your comments just won't be approved and these are the times when you truly need to stick to your goals. Advertising