Matthew N | Furious Paintball * Supergame is now furious Sun, 13 Feb 2011 13:00:00 GMT Furious Paintball has become one of the sponsors of the SuperGame which is one of the largest Big Games on the West Coast.For over 15 years, the SuperGame has been bringing families, scenario teams, vendors, and brand new paintball players together. The event takes place over 3-days, with the popular Night Ops Game and Feast Dinner on Friday Night, Traditional SuperGame all day Saturday, and the Spoils of War game on Sunday.One thing very interesting about the Super Game is that last Spring SuperGame raffled off over $40,000 in prizes.Over $40,000 in prizes were given away to the players by just pulling raffle ticketS which SuperGame guarantees a minimum of $25,000, but it is always more. Saturday is the traditional SuperGame and it is also the day you will see the most people. The game starts at 10am and ends at 5pm. Anytime you are hit during the game, you can just go back to your starting base, wipe off the hit, and join back in the game. If you ever need to take a break, you just call yourself out, walk off the field and take a break. When you are ready to join the game again, you just go back to your starting base and enter the game again.Sunday is SuperGames Spoils of War game. It has a similar format to the Traditional SuperGame but lasts from 10am to 2pm. Furious Paintball is proud to sponsor such an event with prizes including Furious paintball barrels as well as Furious PowerCells. To learn more about SuperGame and to register, check out About Furious Paintball Furious Paintball is a manufacturer of the almost famous Lotus paintball barrels and PowerCell batteries designed for paintball equipment. To learn more about Furious Paintball check out their website on Sports and Fitness Paintball barrel animation by furious paintball Tue, 25 Jan 2011 13:00:00 GMT 26th January 2011 - Furious Paintball, a leading manufacturer of paintball barrels and batteries has just launched an animation video showcasing their almost famous Lotus barrels.The animation shows the intricacies of the craftmanship of the barrel and all the reasons why top speedball teams such as PSP pro team Vicious and scenario teams Desert Edge and Bad Karma choose  only to shoot Furious barrels.The keyword here is "choose". Furious Paintball is proud to mention that all sponsored teams tested out all other barrels before settling on the Furious Lotus barrel system, which proves the true  capability of the barrels. Proud because not only did these teams willingly choose the Lotus barrel system over others, but also proud because the teams did not choose the barrel based on  sponsorship dollars from Furious Paintball.The animation encompasses all the detail that is painstakingly attended to, with the manufacture of each and every Furious paintball barrel resulting in the highest level of quality.By showing exactly what makes a Furious barrel unique and necessary for every competitive team today whether it be in speedball or scenario, Furious Paintball hopes that this will encourage morepeople to try out the barrel."Players have been known to try out the barrel and then refuse to give it back!" jokes Matthew T. Nekvapil, CEO of Furious Paintball.While there are some groups who claim that a barrel is just a tube with holes it in to varying speculation on the ideal length selection, the Furious barrel has been proven to perform in any  environment.Furious Paintball always listens to customer feedback as customer satisfaction is paramount to the company's success.The company stays at the forefront of technology with continuous research and development to not only satisfy customers' need and expectations, but to exceed them. There are more new things in  store for 2011 and Furious Paintball is excited to release products gradually throughout the year."We listen to our customers as they are our most important asset" explains Matthew "Without them, Furious would not be where we are today"With Furious Paintball steadily gaining momentum in the paintball world, you can be sure they are here to stay for a long time churning out only quality products for their customers.The animation can be viewed here: Furious PaintballFurious Paintball is a leading manufacturer of paintball specific barrels and batteries. They can be found on http://www.furiouspaintball.comFacebook Sports and Fitness