Wipikit | FreePressIndex.com http://www.freepressindex.com/profile-64642/Wipikit Jobstralia is a new kind of search engine for jobs. It collects all jobs available in Australia from tons of job boards, saving you the trouble to visit each site individually. It jobs in australia http://www.freepressindex.com/article-it-jobs-in-australia-253634.html Thu, 31 Mar 2011 13:00:00 GMT   Because computers are used a lot in business we need professionals to work in the IT industry in order to take care of them. IT workers need to accomplish a lot of tasks from developing and installing application softwares to designing elaborate computer networks and assuring their security. There is a lot to do in IT jobs. Among IT jobs there are 3 categories standing out which are systems jobs. They have to administrate systems running on computers for people using them in companies. They will have to make sure they are updated, that there is no problems regarding hardware or software. It is their role to maintain a good level of security because a lot of people depend of them. Another career in IT is working with database as a database administrator. They are in charge of building clear database to store, update and retrieve the data for application of all size from a small website to an accountancy application. The data which transit also needs to be secure especially if it is sensitive. The last category is networking jobs. You can work as a network administrator establishing local or wide network between computers (lan or wan) . Because exchange between computers has to secure in order to prevent any attacks from hackers the administrator has to monitor what is happening. He also has to manage and spot problems which could happen on the network he is in charge of. Careers