Stgeorges | N/A New series of fun podcasts available at sgi Thu, 21 Jun 2012 13:00:00 GMT   These podcasts are intended to help students build on their English communication skills by listening to fun discussions between two staff members using everyday English language. The talks are available to listen to on the SGI website and the school is planning to release free MP3 downloads for phones, tablets, laptops and PCs via iTunes. In addition to the audio files SGI are going to produce transcripts of the talks, including a number of questions to test students’ understanding. The series of podcasts consist of discussions between native English speakers on a variety of different topics, which are in some way linked to British culture and life. One of the podcasts involves two of the teachers at St George International discussing music. The talk includes discussions about the merits of music in the eighties and nineties in contrast to the music of today. The interesting exchange looks at how music has evolved from the early days of the Beatles through to Madonna and other contemporary artists. Other podcasts include conversations about the Royal Family, fashion, the Olympics and English Gentlemen. The English Conversation, Real and Relevant podcast series is part of a section of St George International’s website known as the English blog. The blog has been produced to assist students and help them gain a more personalised view of the school and life in the UK. This blog has a business section where there are a number of posts about current commercial news and how correct use of English can be used in business. If you’re looking for good English schools London is the place to be and SGI is one of the best. About St George International St George International is situated in Fitzrovia, central London. The school is just a few minutes stroll from Oxford Circus Underground Station. It was established in 1962 and was originally housed in Marylebone. The school also has partner centres in Oxford and Cambridge, in addition to its London centre. If you choose to study English in London there are plenty of options, but SGI’s language programmes cater for individual needs, meaning you will improve in no time. The school offers English language, business language, other foreign language courses and teacher training programmes. Expert tutors combine specialist teaching techniques with a variety of different teaching resources.   Languages Business english courses at sgi Sat, 31 Dec 2011 13:00:00 GMT   The time for setting New Year’s resolutions fast approaches. How many times have you firmly resolved to learn a language but the end of the year sees that goal remain unreached? For those who are looking to stick to their resolutions in 2012 and study English in London, St George International language school is worth considering. At this London school English courses for general purposes are not all that’s on offer. Business English is also very popular. A common desire of English language students is that they perfect their business English skills. Unsurprisingly, many students either travel to, or are already living in London and feel a business English course would help them to get ahead. SGI offers a wide range of Business English lessons which are tailored to the areas of focus and level of the student. Both morning and afternoon group class options are available and range from four to 30 hours a week in length. One-to-one tuition is also on offer and is tailored to each student and the English skills they need to build on. The Business English Writing course takes place in smaller groups and in the evenings. This focuses on perfecting business English writing skills such as are required for emails, C.V’s and reports. St George International can also arrange the BULATS (the online business orientated language test) to be taken by students at any time. The school’s current students certainly seem to feel that SGI is worth the while and the school’s recent student survey is evidence of this. The school received excellent feedback from students from August to October of 2011, with 98% of students saying they would recommend the school. The student survey also revealed that not only would a very high percentage of students recommend the school but teachers have received consistently positive feedback also. The average teacher score (as rated by students) for August of 2011 was 8.83, September was 9 and October was an even more impressive 9.3. As a student, having faith in the capabilities of your teacher is obviously of extreme importance. Furthermore, 99% of students surveyed in both August and October felt their English had improved, with 97% of students surveyed in September cited an improvement. Many of these students felt their English was of such a level that they could now progress to studying at university in English. If you’re determined to stick to your New Year’s resolution for 2012, it’s advisable to book early. Courses do get booked up and the New Year can be a specifically busy period. About St George International The school was started in 1962 and remains to this day, a family run company. The school is very centrally located in Fitzrovia and is a two minute walk from Oxford St tube station. Aside from its London branch, St George International also has schools in Brighton, Oxford and Cambridge. SGI is accredited for its English language teaching by the British Council and also, by Trinity College London for its English language teacher training courses.   Education