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Leading baseball pitching equipment supplier add first pitch pitching machines prior to youth baseball season Fri, 24 Feb 2012 13:00:00 GMT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Los Angeles, CA, February 19th, 2012 – a leading baseball pitching equipment online supplier is pleased to announce the addition of First Pitch machines to their top brand name inventory of pitching machines.  First Pitch designs and builds both baseball and softball pitching machines, with annual sales of over 1.5 million with all machines built by hand in the USA at their Greenfield, Minnesota is extremely excited to carry First Pitch as they offer a solid intermediate level pitching machine for their little league and junior college league baseball player and coaching customers.  ProSlugger also carries other baseball pitching equipment to include both outdoor batting cages and pitching mounds along with various types of special baseballs and softballs used for pitch machines.CEO of Steven Klein stated this about their Pitching Equipment:“Having First Pitch pitching machines adds solid brand awareness to our line-up of pitch machines for our entry and intermediate level players and coaches.  Durability…, a 5 year warranty at half the price of the industry leader Jugs Sports machine, provides a great alternative for our valued customers.  You get a high quality machine for an affordable price which is what really sets First Pitch apart from the other top pitch machines on the market today.”Many batting machines are limited to throwing either real baseballs or softballs, but each of the First Pitch machines actually throw both, along with a variety of machine balls.  First Pitch’s four models can throw 70, 80 and up to 100 mph pitches and they also can throw baseballs (dimple balls and real balls), and 11" or 12" softballs.“For a well built machine to throw 100 mph fast balls and breaking balls at half the price of its closest competitor is truly an amazing manufacturing and design accomplishment to say the least,” said Klein. “To find such a heavy duty pitch machine that features both ease of mobility, quick set up, great performance and at an incredible low price is a no brain-er.”Interested coaches and players can gain access to both text and images of the pitching machines at to further discover why First Pitch machines may be a good fit for their teams’ needs and budget.“Prior to First Pitch, many coaches and players were stuck with the idea of having to purchase entry level baseball pitching equipment (due to affordability), only to buy advanced models as they progressed in skill level.  But now, they can purchase a First Pitch machine which will grow with them, as their hitting drills and batting skills advance.”To discover more about First Pitch pitching machines along with purchasing one at a great discount, visit Baseball Grand opening sports online store now offers affordable baseball pitching equipment Tue, 07 Feb 2012 13:00:00 GMT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASELos Angeles, CA, January 31st,, a leading baseball pitching equipment online store aka: ( ) has just announced an expansion within its line of durable pitching machines to include the Heater Sports Pitching machines.  This will now benefit both individual players as well as baseball coaches, schools and various low and mid level leagues. The main purpose behind carrying the Heater line was to offer a well sought after brand that offers both durability and is afford-ably priced.  Heater manufactures both baseball and softball pitching machines, along with their newer mini-lite pitching machine which many more players are using to hone in their hitting skills.Steve Klein from Pro Slugger Baseball Equipment and Pitching Machines said:“The Heater pitching machines are one of the most sought after entry-to-mid level pitching machines on the market and we are expecting to be one of their top sellers this year at Pro Slugger.  Portability, reliability and low entry level cost points are what attracted us to feature this line of pitching machines along with their batting cages.”With most of their pitching machines weighing in at just 25 to 50 pounds, (depending on model) this provides a feature most other pitching machine brands cannot compete with.  Combined with its durable steel adjustable legs (for proper pitch height), adjustable head (for baseball pitching, grounders and fly-balls) and its quick adjustment power head, you can now throw real baseballs, mini-lite balls including 11” and 12” softballs.  In addition, many of the these pitch machines come with a bonus ball feeder at no additional cost.  Yet, while most other pitching machine manufactures do offer some of the features, but they weigh twice the weight, and cost 2 to 3 times more.“No other pitch machine manufacture offers these features for this low price,” said Klein.  “Others are designed for heavy duty, high league play, but many coaches and schools just want a pitching machine that they can quickly bring out to the field and return with a high level of performance and minimal maintenance. The Heater pitching machine serves both individual players as well as both academic school baseball league and community baseball league coaching staff.”Interested buyers can gain access to both text and video tutorials from in order to learn more about various features, functions and options that the Heater pitching machine has to offer.  For an example: the heater machines feature adjustable speed controls thus pitching baseballs up to 60 mph and softballs up to 54 mph.  Unique mini lite-ball machines are also available and can currently pitch mini-lite balls up to 45 mph. “These are just a few of the exciting features that can save you both time and money.  Now, both seasoned and beginner player/coaching operators can enjoy the quick and easy set up; the high diversity use of balls, ease of adjust-ability for multiple uses, and all for a low cost point for all to take advantage of, said Klein.  The Heater Pitching Machines are some of the best this industry has to offer when you combine all of the above stated features into one.”Contact:Steven KleinSales Dept.801-318-4047 Baseball