Andrew Varley | Originally launched in 1999, a leading UK Web site to provide reviews of freebies on the Internet. The site takes a ‘no scams’, ‘no spam’ approach and has enjoyed success for over 8 years thanks to its quality content, simple design and wide range of freebie offers. A weekly newsletter service is also available to visitors, which includes news from the world of free stuff and the latest product samples. Freebies and bargains attract the crowds Tue, 27 Dec 2011 13:00:00 GMT An increasing number of Internet surfers are turning to freebies to help save money, new statistics can reveal. According to a popular free products review site, visitor numbers are up 35% when compared to the last quarter. The announcement from, which reviews free stuff such as free samples, software and digital services, suggests an increasing number of people are attempting to save money by obtaining trial-sized products via the Web. Over 1.8 million visitors logged on to the site during October through December, resulting in a 35% increase on previous months. Interestingly, over 70% of these visitors were UK residents, although a rise in visits from Australia and the United States has also been reported. Visitors are also spending more time browsing for bargains online – up to 25% longer than average. This has especially been the case through the Christmas period as visitors aim to cash-in on the latest vouchers and discounts. “We have recently witnessed a steady rise in the number of visitors searching for samples of consumer products,” says Andy Varley, founder of “There is no doubt that people are looking for new methods to save money and samples are a great way to test products without spending your hard-earned cash,” he added. Tangible items such as makeup, hair products, DVDs, magazines, food and drink, and fragrances can be requested via the Internet, completely free of charge and with no catches. Digital freebies, such as software, games, fonts and free reminder services, can also be obtained. The trend to acquire something for nothing has been compounded by an increasing number of companies using television advertisements to draw consumers’ attention to their product samples. L’Oréal, Olay, Huggies and Nivea are just some of the brands using samples to market their products, and this trend looks shows no sign of abating, at least for the foreseeable future.     Shopping