Tom Webb | TAW Global is an internet provider of service who prides itself on outstanding customer and the finest products. Heart check pen has 30 minute interpretation Fri, 14 Jun 2013 13:00:00 GMT   Now North American HeartCheck PEN consumers will have around the clock access to physician ECG interpretations.   TAW Global LLC is global provider of goods and services, formally announces today in cooperation with CardioComm announces a quicker SMART Monitoring service to intersect with customer demand for rapid ECG reading services.   CardioComm Solutions's SMART Monitoring service operates like the large, prescription only Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities in the USA. “We have given consumers the ability to monitor their heart from the comfort of their home and interpret their ECG readings by a qualified physician in just 30 minutes. People with heart ailments deserve this kind of commitment, to keep their heart protected at all time” says, TAW Global's Tom Webb.   TAW Global has a long history of producing quality products with outstanding service which allowed them to enter into a cooperartive agreement to sell CardioComm's Heart Check PEN and SMART Monitoring Service. “The Heart Check PEN and SMART Monitoring Service has the ability to change the industry and alter peoples lives for the better. The key component is our ability to take an ECG reading, interpret it while transferring the information back to the end user in only 30 minutes. It's technology which will help the end user receive feed back in a timely manner” says, Tom Webb.     The ability to interpret an ECG in 30 minutes is in direct relation to CardioComm's relationship with and partnership with SPI Scanning LLC of Humble, Texas. SPI has a mandate to keep ahead of the competition and look forward to the adoption of faster and better technologies, especially when many people are worried about capturing accurate cardiac rhythms.     Consumers purchasing the HeartCheck PEN ECG will have access to CardioComm Solutions' SMART Monitoring ECG Service, the will allow them access to GEMS Home Software and a free physician ECG interpretation. Once the have complete the free interpretation, the HeartCheck PEN will be unlocked and they will be able to display the ECG waveform at no additional fee. TAW Global LLC will promote the product to consumers who need to monitor their heart for either medical reasons or for those inclined to use it for health and fitness heart monitoring.   “At $12.50 and a 30 minute turnaround time for ECG interpretation, The HeartCheck PEN is positioned to be the one-stop solution and global leader for in-home ECG interpretation,” added Webb Wellness Whole house fm transmitter announces new facebook contest Fri, 03 Feb 2012 13:00:00 GMT Whole House FM Transmitter announces a new Facebook contest for fans who have joined their Facebook page. Whole House FM Transmitter is one of the leading FM transmitters avaialble for iPhones, iPad, iPods, smart phones, Chirstmas light displays, correctional facitlities and other othe multiple uses. Owner Tom Webb said, "Our Whole House FM Transmitter is  one of the top selling FM transmitters available on the market and we wanted to share our success with our fan base. So those who join our Facebook fan page will automatically be entered to win a Whole House FM Transmitter. We will draw one winner each month." Tom was very excited to give back to the FM transmitter community. The Whole House FM Transmitter is well known for the distance it broadcasts which equates to 50 yards of football turf in each direction and the quality of sound it transmits to FM stereo's. With the versatility of this 3.5 mm fm transmitter and the quality sound it emits, it's not wonder this little black box has won the ears of all. Stop by Whole House Fm Transmitter to join the Facebook fan page and to be entered into the contest. Electronics