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Ruqayya, who was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan has been performing since 1997. She was introduced to writing music and learning how to treat her voice as an instrument through her cousin, CEO of Smokebox Music Group, Wayne Roper.

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Wayne Roper

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Ruqayya has evolved along with her music developing an innate talent as a musician and recording artist by writing her own music, singing and later on developing the new talent of rapping.   Her growth as a recording artist began with Walter 'doc doom' Bennefield at 530 East Productions. She has now developed into a worldwide entertainer with her professionally staged and choreographed shows.  She has not only taken over her town but has taken over the nation with her pop/hip hop sound.

Ruqayya newest single "Broken Promises" is off of her yet to be released debut CD with the same title.  "This title stemmed from a song I heard by a friend of the family and I elaborated on the topic along with former producer Cash Johnson", states Ruqayya.   This song is about true life heart break that women go through but don't typically talk about.  Ruqayya has taken that task on and allowing this song to speak for those women.  For all those who have been hurt or scarred, this song speaks for them.  It has a great pop beat to it with outstanding vocals along with musical arrangements that capture your attention.  This song is a stepping stone to a series of short stories that Ruqayya tells through her music on this new CD that is set for release on December 6, 2011.  Common threads that run through her songs are the lyrics and the stories that revolve around relationships.  Another would be that female swagger that seems to illuminate when she is singing.  It encompasses her very being.  She becomes her music and the audience benefits from this.  Ruqayya seems to thrive on empowerment and self esteem.

"I can't wait to show my ladies how to shine and do better.  We are the rock of this world and we need to act like it daily.  Don't fall weak to those that are not on your level or doing as good as or better than you. Never settle for less than what you know you deserve.  Know that you are beautiful and after all hardship comes dig....holla".

"Broken Promises" the CD is set for release on December 6, 2011.  Ruqayya is working on a college tour but no dates have been released at this time.

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1. Cash Johnson (8:34 am, 2012.01.06)

Hello I am the Prouducer CashJohnson They speak about, I made the title of the song along with the hook and swagg. This woman cant write her own Music you she took mine without paying for it.. Dont be fooled into becomming a fan... MrBlackBoneent