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Gilbert Kjellerup

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IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Contact Person: Company Name: Serendipity Diamonds Voice Phone Number: +44 (0)1983 567283 FAX Number: Website URL: Celebrate Your Golden Anniversary Appropriately! Isle of Wight, UK, November 2012 - After being married, what remains for a married couple to look forward to? What else, but a lifetime of achievements? They will be seeing their children grow and do good in school. They will see them become adults and start to establish a life of their own. Most of all, when several years have passed, and the children have already formed their own families, couples can just sit back and watch the fruits of their hard labours. After half a century of marriage, they can then celebrate their golden anniversary. The Golden Anniversary for a married couple is the pinnacle of their relationship. At fifty years of age, they have gone through a virtual roller coaster of problems and fallbacks, as well as happy moments and glorious times shared with their children, siblings and other relatives. Not all relationships are lucky and strong enough to reach a half century of marriage. The day of their 50th wedding anniversary is a very special or perhaps exceptional event in the couplesu2019 lives and, because of that, a celebration is in order for them. This is the day that they can sit back and feel proud of themselves for making through fifty rocky years as husband and wife. Of course, celebrations are not complete without a special gift. They say the monetary value is not a consideration, but the thought is. If you are celebrating or are about to celebrate your 50th anniversary with your spouse, why not think about buying her a very special gold ring to commemorate your golden year? It will make for the perfect symbol for this very significant point of your maternal union. You must not be content with giving your wife a simple ring as a gift for your gold year the same way you did not hesitate to give her a splendid ring for your engagement and wedding. Two coloured wedding rings are perfect for your golden wedding anniversary. These rings are bands made out of both yellow and white gold at 18 carats. Grace your wifeu2019s finger with a brand new gold wedding ring and your golden anniversary will be truly unforgettable. About the company: Serendipity Diamonds are specialist diamond jewellers, based on the Isle of Wight, England. Specialising in loose diamonds and made to order diamond set jewellery, along with a wide range of additional jewellers services. We have been approved by, and are a listed retailer under the local Buy with Confidence scheme in association with Trading Standards. We are also verified and listed by Very Good Service for our exceptional track record for customer service.
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