Wireless Cellphone Customers Ditch Expensive Insurance Deductibles For A More Economical Fix

Wireless customers save money and time by opting for iPhone and Smartphone repair rather than paying high deductibles for insurance or buying a new phone.

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Jacksonville Fl.-Between expensive cutting edge gadgets and high cost data plans wireless customers are spending more than ever to stay in the digital loop. “All together with my cellphone, my husbands, and my two kids, I would say we easily spend near $3,000 a year on our cell phone bill alone” Said iPhone user Elizabeth Harvey. ”not including the price we actually paid for our phones which range from about $100-$300”



“The problem with buying smartphones is when they break it is very expensive to replace, even insurance is expensive $5-$10 a month depending on your phone and then add a $50-$200 deductible to get it replaced. Not to mention the hassle of loosing your information” said Harvey “It got to a point where we just couldn’t afford to keep replacing these things. It was really taking a toll on the checking account”


It’s because of these rising prices that more and more consumers are opting for a cheaper alternative to replacing their broken gadgets. Tech Life a company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida has embraced this need and now offers a “SmartPhone Repair Service”.


Tech life offers a wide range of services including computer repair and website design but what they say has brought them the most business has surprisingly been smartphone repair. “We see a wide range of phones but primarily iPhones, Blackberries and Androids since without signing a new contract can range from $200-$600 to replace” said Sandra Pellasce , Owner of Tech Life. “We have had a lot of customers tell us they had no idea they could get their phone repaired at all much less brought back from the dead after taking a swim in the pool or getting washed in the washing machine. They are always amazed when they receive their phone back looking brand new after getting a water damaged phone repaired at a fraction of the cost it would be to replace it” The most common repair Tech Life sees is iPhone repair, more specifically iPhone cracked screens. A cracked screen repair on a iPhone 4 runs around $100 which saves the consumer about $100 if they had insurance or even more up to $400 if they had to replace the phone entirely. To make the deal even better Tech Life’s iPhone and smartphone repair technicians will come to you at no extra charge! “When we started Tech Life, we had this very nostalgic view of the way things use to be, like when a doctor would make house calls or when the milk man delivered milk. We decided we wanted our service to feel very personal and convenient which is when we decided to make Tech Life a mobile company “said Pellasce. “I have already had my iPhone repair twice with Tech Life, which has saved me about $300. Had I known my family could have had our devices fixed in the past I would have canceled my insurance in a heartbeat” Said Harvey.


Tech Life services most of the first coast including Jacksonville, Orange Park, St Augustine and Ponte Vedra, Florida in addition to receiving mail in clients from various parts of the United States and Internationally. For more information about Tech Life's services or if you need a device rpair please visit Tech Life iPhone Repair of Jacksonville Florida.

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