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April 3, 2016

10 Ridiculous College Classes You Won’t Believe Exist

Filed under: Business — harmanweiker @ 5:16 pm

You know that inevitable part of college that you hate- the school part? Yeah, so do we, and we know that a good or bad class can make or break your quarter or semester. We all know the hard ones, the easy ones, the pointless ones- but what about the ridiculous classes you’re surprised are considered coursework? From Star Trek to Kanye West, there are classes all over the United States that will shock you. You probably didn’t know that they exist, but for your pure entertainment and enjoyment, we’ve found the ten most ridiculous classes you won’t believe actually exist.

1. “Philosophy And Star Trek” – Georgetown.

Star Trek nerds everywhere are looking into transferring to Georgetown right now. One might consider Star Trek as being a philosophical piece of work. What’s stopping Georgetown then, to watch Star Trek, reading philosophy, and put the two together to get educated? The course introduces students to topics in metaphysics and epistemology philosophy but is primarily centered around the main philosophical questions that occur over and over in Star Trek.

2. “On Being Bored” – Brown University.

Let’s start off by saying the yearly tuition for Brown University is over $65,000 year. That might make this course a wee bit more ridiculous. The “On Being Bored” course examines books, articles, and movies that are based around not being productive and not wanting to do anything. The course goes back as far as the Enlightenment period to examine the lack of progress, denial of assertion, and revelation. Forgive me for the pun, but this class sounds pretty boring to me.

3. “Tree Climbing” – Cornell University.

I mean, I get rock climbing- but tree climbing? Seems a tad bit impractical in 2015, but apparently Cornell University doesn’t think so. This course prides itself on teaching students how to get into the canopies of trees, and how to climb from tree to tree without touching the ground. It also teaches you how to use ropes and other technical gear when climbing the trees. This sounds like a course for someone who needs a random 2 unit class to have enough credits to graduate.

4. “Kanye Versus Everybody” – Georgia State University.

I mean, we all know that Kanye West is pretty full of himself and is a huge figure in pop culture, but having an entire class on him seems a bit overdone. This class focuses on his poetry and public proclamations that are centered around society, his own “aesthetic genius,” and the “creative black mind today.” The course argues that Kanye is one of the most significant and influential public thinkers of our time. Like him or not, this class could prove to be entertaining. It would be a sell-out if Kanye himself taught the class.

5. “Demystifying the Hipster” – Tufts University.

Hipsters have become the butts of basically everyone’s jokes in the last five years or so, but what exactly is a hipster, really? This class digs into what exactly a hipster is, if they’re part of a counter-culture or if they’re just another “marketing niche in the mainstream.” Music, books, fashion, and films are used to examine the hipster label. The goal of the course is to have students become “critics and sociologists” of hipster culture.

6. “Cooking with Cannabis” – Oaksterdam University.

This would be the ultimate class for stoners everywhere. Learning how to cook with weed? Is that even legal? Regardless, this class teaches students how to cook cannabis into salad dressings, cheesecakes, beverages, and much more. The instructors of the course are long-time cannabis cooks and professional chefs. We just have one question, is it allowed or even encourages to eat your creations after?

7. “The Sociology of Miley Cyrus” – Skidmore College.

Miley Cyrus has been the object of speculation, criticism, and pure observation for the last few years as she makes her journey from Disney star to twerking pro. Miley Cyrus is such an influential figure in pop culture; there’s a class about it. This class uses Miley Cyrus as their main example for analyzing intersectional identities and media representation.

8. “Juggling” – Reed College.

We can’t help but be curious why knowing how to juggle would aid any college students in their education- unless they wanted to join the circus. The class starts you off with three balls, but by the end, you’ll be able to juggle multiple different objects. I don’t think any parent would be happy to hear that their tuition money is going towards juggling.

9. “Learning From Youtube” – Pitzer College.

This is a class that is literally all about watching content on Youtube. Sign us up! Students are encouraged to comment on Youtube videos and post their own content. Let’s be honest, most people are on Youtube while on their laptops in class anyways- why not make a curriculum out of it?

10. “The Hunger Games: Class, Politics, and Marketing” – American University.

Sure, The Hunger Games book series and movie series are interesting, but are they profound enough to teach college students about it? Obviously, American University in Washington DC thinks so and uses the series as a case study in this class. The course examines class, politics, and ethics in the series and how it intertwines together.

April 17, 2015

Product Prototype Development To Protect Your Ideas And Save You From The Hassle Of Litigation

Filed under: Business,Web Development — harmanweiker @ 4:53 pm

Product prototype development can be a frustrating job, but for a professional product development company like GID, it is an easy-going job. Their years of experience, skilled manpower, and amazing understanding of the latest tools make them stand above the ordinary service providers in the market. So, if you are looking forward to hiring a professional or a company for product prototyping services, then GID, California, is worth considering.

At GID, you will get prototype development and prototype engineering assistance for all stages of the prototyping or product development cycles such as concept, CAD drawing, prototype, and final product development.

Prototype development is a complex task and involves a lot of expense and hard work. However, it is an important step in custom product manufacturing and cannot be overlooked to ensure the success of the product. Most companies around the globe invest in it because they understand that the results will certainly help them to make the right move. Instead of doing it by yourself, it is recommended to hire a product prototype development company that has the proper set of tools and skilled brains to use them.

If you are a company or an individual with an idea or concept that can stir the market, then GID can pace your product development lifecycle with its rapid prototyping services. With their extensive experience in product prototyping, they can assist you in each and every phase of development such as product designing, conceptualizing, prototype development, and testing. Additionally, they will also offer expert guidance on selecting the best prototyping technology to meet your requirements, instantly and effectively.

“If you are a product-based company, then don’t let your lack of experience hold your idea captive. Ideas / Concepts come naturally, but execution entails creativity, so take the first step and give us a call,” said Product Development Head at GID. “At GID, we offer the knowledge and experience to bring your ideas to life. We make every effort to make the prototype development process easy for you.”

GID, California, is offering excellent prototyping services with super effective solutions. Their capabilities comprise the design of consumer, commercial, medical products, and industrial tools in addition to the development of custom equipment for a research laboratory, research, or testing applications.

Contact GID today at: to discuss your company’s requirements and aspirations. GID Company can certainly help you grow, thrive, and profit.

March 29, 2015

Choosing General Contractor In Los Angeles

Filed under: Benefit,Business — harmanweiker @ 11:17 am

prefer to pass the project on to someone more capable to be in charge of the work. That someone is your general contractor.

A general contractor can lift the workload on your shoulder and let their team do the tasks for you. Finding the best general contractor at affordable price is another problem. If you live in big cities, searching contractor a Hollywood general contractor in Los Angeles would be the same as guessing the Oscar winner. It’s unpredictable.
However, you can actually narrow down your choices by looking at the following criteria!

Look for someone who will work WITH you
Instead of someone who will work for you, you should find a contractor that can review plans together with you and get a grasp of your idea of your office tenant improvement in Beverly Hills. Whether it is renovating or building an office from scratch, your general contractor should be able to accommodate your idea and pour it onto the work.

Look for general contractor Los Angeles with reputable service
Don’t trust your TV. There are many unreliable contractors who placed an ad on TV to earn your trust. You should seek to build contractor Sherman Oaks with years of experience in handling various projects. A contractor with a good record and review will deliver a better result than the one you see on TV.

Look for industrial construction Burbank
For a contractor with an industrial scale, you can be sure that they are able to handle small tasks like home or office renovation. Once you get names from your acquaintance, you can easily start searching for the best.

October 3, 2014

A Review Site To Help Photo Enthusiasts Pick The Perfect Photo Printer

Filed under: Photo — harmanweiker @ 10:59 am

Investing in a good photo printer for home and personal use is definitely something that every photo lover would want to do.

Investing in a good photo printer for home and personal use is definitely something that every photo lover would want to do. Through her recently launched Best Photo Printer Guide blog, Michelle wants to share with other photo lovers the essential information about photo printers that are relevant in the age of Instagram, iPhone and Android.

Best Photo Printer Guide blog author, Michelle, is considered by her peers as someone with a sentimental quotient that is above the average person. When everyone else has flocked to digital photography and digital albums, she finds the experience of flipping through hardcover photo albums to be still irreplaceable.

The evolution from analogue to digital photography did not happen overnight and there were several trials and false starts before we see the current state it is today. It is hard not to give credit to Apple as iPhone is probably the first successful mass consumer product that made digital photography fun and social. It turned out that pixel size does matter but large images did not equal to high-quality images.

iPhone triggered the tsunami of smartphone adoption and it is the first smartphone that was able to produce good quality photos that were worth sharing with the world and it lets anyone do it with a single tap. The guys at Instagram were the first to crack the social puzzle and made it easy for anyone to create stunning effects to the pictures taken using their phones.

With the talk of the town being all about digital photography and social sharing, it leaves many to ponder if there is a future for photo printing. Michelle is one who believes that photo printing is here to stay. “Flipping through the digital and printed albums induce entirely different sensation and emotion”, says Michelle.

Michelle surely sees the merits of a digital camera. A digital camera allows you to sift through the images that you have taken and select only the best pictures for printing. It enhances the experience of flipping through photo albums these days as you are likely to find only the best pictures in the albums.

“With the explosion in the number of photos being taken every day, you can see photo printer either as an emerging or sunset trend”, says Michelle. It depends on how you see it. If you look solely at the percentage of digital camera users – be it from smartphones or point-to-shoot cameras – the statistics may be discouraging. However, as compared to the past, millions more photos are being snapped every day which essentially means that more pictures will be printed every day.

Investing in a good photo printer for home and personal use is definitely something that every photo lover would want to do. Through her recently launched Best Photo Printer Guide blog, Michelle wants to share with other photo lovers the essential information about photo printers that are relevant in the age of Instagram, iPhone and Android.

About Best Photo Printer Guide.

Best Photo Printer Guide is a blog dedicated to providing easy to understanding guide when it comes to photo printer selection. As photo-lover herself, Michelle shares the important aspects that one should consider and what to expect before buying a photo printer.

June 19, 2014

Attorney Michael Bartolic Fights Of Those Denied Employee Benefit Claims

Filed under: Benefit — harmanweiker @ 10:54 am

ERISA denied the benefit, after a man died of a heart attack, claiming he had a pre-existing condition.

Chicago, May 19—The Law Offices of Michael Bartolic warns that more and more employee benefits such as long term disability and ERISA government life insurance benefits are being denied due to “pre-existing conditions. When ERISA recently denied a policy, ERISA life insurance lawyer Michael Bartolic got involved.

ERISA denied the benefit, after a man died of a heart attack, claiming he had a pre-existing condition. “We were able to prove that there were no records of treatment during the pre-existing condition look-back period, said ERISA life insurance lawyer Bartolic. As a result, the claim was reinstated and the widow received the full benefit she was entitled to.

Beyond being a successful ERISA life insurance lawyer, Bartolic has also been very successful in representing clients as a long term disability attorney. As a long term disability attorney, he recently and successfully represented a client who lost a leg to amputation. The benefit was granted when long term disability attorney demonstrated that the coronary artery disease the insurance company claimed was a pre-existing condition was too far removed from the leg loss.

“Whenever you are denied an employee benefit, it’s a good idea to consult with a qualified benefits attorney,” Bartolic explained. “You need to know your rights because, oftentimes, you are being denied compensation for what you are entitled to.“

Attorney Michael Bartolic Fights Of Those Denied Employee Benefit Claims

About The Law Offices of Michael Bartolic

Michael Bartolic founded his firm in 2009 after he left a large, multinational law firm that practices ERISA litigation. Named a Super Lawyers Rising Star in 2012 and 2013, he was named a Super Lawyer for 2014. He graduated with a B.S. in accounting from the University of Illinois Urbana—Chicago and graduated magna cum laude from the John Marshall Law School.

April 14, 2014

Bitcoin Alternative Sxc Gaining In Popularity A Sure Thing According To Max Keiser

Filed under: Business — harmanweiker @ 3:17 pm

Bitcoin alternative SXC was launched in May; giving individuals the most discreet payment option for transactions between merchants who offer adult fare, and discerning consumers who demand discretion.

Bitcoin alternative SXC was launched in May; giving individuals the most discreet payment option for transactions between merchants who offer adult fare, and discerning consumers who demand discretion. SXC, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users, has partnered with, a merchant payment gateway that supports automatic invoicing, making it is easy for anyone worldwide to accept SXC on their sites.

The new blockchain-based cryptocurrency has been developed specifically for the adult industry. The coin’s website looks into the mirror and boasts that SXC is, “Super Sexy and Delicious,” and promises to “provide adult content consumers, performers and producers a fast, stable and secure method of accepting micro transactions, protecting their customer’s privacy and progressing adult retail services into the crypto age.”

The crypto developers generated a buzz when they announced SXC’s debut on the forums back in May. Emerefer declared, “I can’t believe it took this long,” I got spots urged, “Just release it now and let’s do this,” triggering this caution from Rannasha, “Can’t have a premature release, of course.”

But as much fun as SXC is, it’s serious business, and the development team takes its business very seriously:

“While the industry has struggled with a subscription-based business model – or tried to mimic a microtransaction business model that has been so successful in reviving other entertainment industries online, by using ‘inhouse’ tokens on various sites  – we aim to provide the first cohesive payment system that allows adoption of micro transactional business models across the entire industry while eliminating chargebacks and allowing greater flexibility in marketing including the ability to increase points of sale for a particular item.”

“Follow the money,” Deep Throat advised a wise man in 1974. Forty years later, another wise man, no less a luminary than the brilliant and bombastic bitcoin billionaire Max Keiser, said that SXC is the crypto money shot and gave it two thumbs up when he tweeted that it is, “the first industry-specific crypto that has billion-dollar blockbuster encrypted all over it.”

The prescient Kaiser proved to be positively Pavlovian when his prediction sent SXC soaring, but speculators and miners should rest assured that this unique coin has staying power, should continue to perform, and peak again and again. With its industry-specific focus, fast transaction speeds, and support from the likes of Keiser; SXC is an emerging digital currency to keep an eye on in the exploding cryptocurrency space.

January 30, 2014

Reputed Web Development Agency Offers Best Web Development Services

Filed under: Business — harmanweiker @ 3:06 pm

Based in Mohali, Rudra Innovative Solution is considered a TOP NOTCH web service provider & have raised many clients’ businesses with their innovative ideology.

It’s quite true that in this competitive world every investment must be done after studying its ROI. If it seems to be profitable then one must invest in it else must ask for a better option for the same. Similarly, this is even applicable to web development. As per trend websites are becoming most important component for any business identity. It’s considered a more effective and reliable mode of promoting the services over the net. So it’s important that a website must have a professional look and complete information regarding the business. Such a website converts visitors into buyers and increases the return on investment of the site.

Rudra Innovative Solution is one of the reputed web development agency makes this possible for you and offer you a customer provoking website that not only attract your audience but convey them to become buyers. We provide the best designs which will remark your strong presence online. We follow the best procedure to develop any site. First of all, we will study the product or service to be provided and the targeted area to be focused on via the website. It is this strategy that makes the services of a web design business important for the success of a website.

The success of any website is judged by its visitors and buyers. A website must have a low bounce rate and higher buyer rate to earn maximum profit. Well, the no. buyers depend upon the traffic and marketing techniques followed by the web developer. It’s obvious to get huge traffic your site must be listed in the top five listings of search engines. Our technical team does have immense knowledge of developing SEO optimized and keyword focusing website design. They know the exact density of the keywords to target so that Google may crawl the website for a specific keyword.

We believe that skilled developers can assure provide a website that will increase the site’s business in the best possible way. As we use bespoken images and graphics that reflect the business site is offering. Our aim is to provide such an easy and user-friendly website that can be managed and operated by non-technical people. As not only do experts require websites laymen to want a good and effective website to promote their business. We keep in mind our client need and develop the same for them. For us the customer is king and we give our best to make them happy.

So if you are looking for Reputed Web Development Agency then you are on the right path. Just contact us and give your requirement. We will be contacting you within 24 hours with the best solution. During work, we maintain proper communication.

Visit us at Get your free quote today.

October 23, 2013

Singapore Copywriter Blasts Bad Results Clear Out The Water 

Filed under: History — harmanweiker @ 11:32 am

Firstly, why hire a Singapore copywriter for your business? Advertising is very important if you want to grow your business. You may want to do it yourself but it is advisable to hire a copywriter to word the advertisements for you. Singapore copywriters are available and will help you in developing your business.

Secondly, what are the benefits of a Singapore Copywriter for your business?

It will help you sell more, especially working with a Persuasion Ink copywriter because they are trained in direct response. You may have these wonderful products that you wish everybody to know about but do not know how to communicate that. Leave this to the copywriters. They have the skills to make your advertisement stand out. They will word it accordingly and make your products move faster. They know how to convince the customers and create great interest in your products. This just means more sales hence more profits.

Thirdly, it will save you money.
You may think that doing the copywriting yourself is saving money but in the long run, it doesn’t. This is because your advertisements will not be effective and therefore will bear very little fruit. Hiring a copywriter may cost a bit of money in the beginning but it will draw so many customers to your business that what you spent will be covered and more profits earned.

Fourthly, it will save you time.
It takes a lot of time to make your own adverts. It even takes more time to learn how to be an effective copywriter. This is precious time that you would have used to focus on other aspects of your business. Leaving the work to a professional will help you save a lot of time. It also takes away the worries of whether your advert will be effective. is a new website created by a professional Singapore copywriter whose focus is to help businesses reap the generous rewards from copywriting done the right way. This website will help you make money for your business. If you are in business and want to have your ads made then visit this website and you will never regret it.

September 18, 2013

The Rare Interest Bearing Bitcoin Alternative Cryptogenic Bullion

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The Rare Interest Bearing Bitcoin Alternative Cryptogenic Bullion

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In June 2013 Cryptogenic Bullion (CGB) has launched: a decentralized, peer 2 peer, blockchain-based currency morphed from the Bitcoin protocol. The number of professional online services incorporating Cryptogenic Bullion is growing at a rapid rate: and the currency is currently trading for approximately 500 CGB per 1 BTC. A fork of the virtual currency Novacoin, Cryptogenic Bullion is designed to be a rare, interest-bearing, peer-to-peer virtual commodity with the same decentralised characteristics of Bitcoin but with some key differences. Cryptogenic Bullion’s innovations include an accelerated decrease of the mining subsidy, almost immediate transaction time and 2% annual interest eligible for Bullion that has been stationary in a user’s wallet for at least 30 days. Cryptogenic Bullion has been well received in the digital currency ecosystem. The official Facebook page has over 4,500 fans, and the official CGB website ( has been translated into Dutch and Chinese.

The team behind Cryptogenic Bullion is comprised of digital currency enthusiasts with many years of experience in the Bitcoin ecosystem and beyond; having spent many years mining, programming and working on Internet technology projects. Unique among alternative cryptocurrency teams, CGB also has many years of experience in business management and marketing, ensuring CGB carves out a significant niche for itself in the digital currency ecosystem. Much like Satoshi Nakamoto of Bitcoin, the lead developer of CGB has remained anonymous – but the anonymous developer tackles problems and maintains the integrity of the CGB protocol. This is extremely important for the longevity of the project. Lambert, the founder of Cryptogenic Bullion, is a married man with an 8-month-old son who both works as a data analyst and is also extensively involved in other online businesses and pursuits. Managing the marketing and project development aspects of CGB is Mercury Stills, an entrepreneur with a passion for emerging technologies who founded his first successful company in the year 2000. More info on CGB’s development can be found on their website:

Team CGB is currently pursuing an aggressive marketing campaign via social networking sites like Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Sina, Baidu, Sohu and more. Moreover, Team CGB will initiate a billboard campaign across Europe, starting in Nicosia, Cyprus later this year. The more people who are aware of Cryptogenic Bullion and the financial and business innovation provided by virtual commodities and virtual currencies, the more people will embrace the unprecedented possibilities inherent to the emerging disruptive technology of global digital currencies. In this way, Cryptogenic Bullion’s extensive marketing not only benefits the CGB project but the entire cryptocurrency space itself.

The Winklevoss twin’s intention to offer the world’s first Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) could be the precursor to a diverse range of alternative virtual currency ETFs. As an interest-bearing, relatively rare, virtual commodity, Cryptogenic Bullion will be perfectly positioned to attract fund managers’ capital, which will generate the massive potential for large long-term increases in value. Team CGB is currently reaching out to investors and business owners who may want to diversify some of their BTC holdings into CGB to potentially remedy price volatility. Any individual who contacts team CGB to incorporate Cryptogenic Bullion into their business processes will be warmly received.

With the professionalism and vision of the Cryptogenic Bullion’s core team, this digital commodity is operating in a different paradigm to the majority of alternative cryptocurrencies. The CGB protocol’s primary innovations of a 2% annual interest rate, and its relative rarity and faster transaction time as opposed to Bitcoin also bode well for the digital currency’s future. A diverse ecosystem is a healthy one, and due to its unique properties Cryptogenic Bullion may well become one of the cryptocurrencies of choice in the emerging digital currency investment space.

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